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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Mar 21, 2019

The Empowerment Plan: It All Began with a Class Project


In this episode, Jon and Veronika discuss:

  • How The Empowerment Plan came to fruition
  • Breaking down the product itself and how it’s impacting the world
  • Knowing who your ideal client is
  • The power of reputation



Key Takeaways and Actionable Success Principles:

  • Tapping into who you are can guide you to what you're passionate about
  • We tend to look at charity like a math problem… subtracting the compassion
  • Give with integrity. And give so that the person receives it with dignity
  • Many homeless people are smart and hungry for success. They just needed a break.



"Yes, [the homeless] need warmth and shelter but at the same time, most people that are homeless are treated less than human… so this was about giving some pride and dignity back." - Veronika Scott




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Show Notes by Show Producer: Anna Nygren


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