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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Jun 4, 2018

Understanding the BEDROCK foundation of your business


In this episode, Jon and Hamsa Daher discuss:
  • About Hamsa Daher 
  • About Small Giants Company
  • Where do you start with culture in the workplace
  • Foundation of a business 



Key Takeaways:


  • Be passionate about the people who work for you and their culture


  • To be a good leaderalways invest in your people and your culture


  • Workers will bring their best to work and bring their best when they go home if they are in a good environment


  • Do not forget where you started as your company growsstay humble and you will continue to thrive



“It is one thing to put [a motivational poster] on the wall and to write it down; it is completely different to live it day to day." — Hamsa Daher



Connect with Hamsa Daher: 


Twitter:  @HamsaSYD



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Connect with Jon Dwoskin:
Twitter: @jdwoskin



Show notes by podcastologist: Britnie Leverett


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