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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Sep 16, 2021

Jon talks with Bill Woolsey, Founder and Executive Director of FiveTwo Network about how his network helps people and the community.

Bill has 33 years of experience in starting churches, ministries, and non-profits. Scaled CrossPoint Community church in west Houston from 7 families to 3 campuses worshiping 1600, preschool of 400+ children, sports league, and two building campaigns.
Now lead FiveTwo network, which recently launched our on-demand training site ( for women and men seeking to turn their God-given dreams into startups that do good.


Connect with Jon Dwoskin:

Twitter: @jdwoskin
Get Jon’s Book: The Think Big Movement: Grow your business big. Very Big!


Connect with Bill Woolsey:

Twitter URL: @billwoolsey
Instagram URL: @billrwoolsey
LinkedIn URL: @billwoolsey
Facebook URL: @billwoolsey