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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Sep 29, 2023

Dr. Michelle Barr is a Transformational Business and Life Coach, Mentor, and Guide, a Speaker, Teacher, and Author. She holds a Doctorate in Transformational Spiritual Coaching and has been doing this work for more than 15 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance and worked as a Therapist for 10 years before giving up her license to build her business as a Coach, Teacher, Speaker, and Author. During that time, she specialized in Crisis and Trauma, Addiction and Abuse, Generational Dysfunction, and Personal Growth and Development. Michelle also attended Seminary, became ordained as an Interfaith Minister, and worked as a Hospital and Hospice Chaplain and a Spiritual Director specializing in Spiritual Crisis and Spiritual Growth and Development. 15 years ago, she founded her own Healing and Wellness center in her community and turned that into a global online business helping others both personally and professionally to heal and transform all areas of their lives and to go on to help others do the same.

Combining her personal life experience, expertise in psychology and Spirituality, and her 15-year career as a Coach, Teacher, Speaker, and Author, Dr. Barr helps people move forward in any area of their life. She helps you overcome times in your life where you feel stuck, frozen, or paralyzed by working through your fear and doubt, unresolved trauma, the core issues of your suffering, and toxic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting to find your Life Purpose and experience a Well-Lived Life. Her work is designed to help people break away from what is keeping them stuck, paralyzed, and frozen, and breakthrough to the true path forward to receive what they want, need, and desire.