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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Jun 3, 2021

Jon talks with Aditya Nagrath, founder and CEO of Elephant Learning, about how simplifying learning and business makes successful students and business owners - from math in colors to business in labels.

Aditya Nagrath is the founder and CEO of the world’s most effective math learning platform — Elephant Learning.

Build math intuition and overcome math anxiety from preschool to middle school mathematics with a low monthly subscription fee.

Elephant Learning is a story about the concerning math proficiency statistics that continue to trend down. Students begin that downward spiral as early as pre-school. Our platform equips parents and children with the tools necessary to fully understand math concepts and ultimately build confidence.

I know that it is never too late to understand math. At a young age, many of us had the experience of being told that “we are just not a numbers person.”

Books have been written on this social phenomenon, and half of all Americans report having math anxiety. As it turns out, mathematics is really about learning jargon, a jargon that is so fundamental to humanity that we consider it vocabulary.


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