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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Feb 26, 2021

Jon, Randall, and John discuss how to scale your business.

For his entire career, John K. Murphy (“Murph”) has helped owners of private businesses set the optimal strategic direction, prepare for and facilitate M&A transactions and achieve accelerated growth acting in an advisory board-type role. Murph was an investment banker for over twenty years and started a strategic M&A consulting practice in mid-2004.

He helps private business owners prepare and position for major strategic events like the sale of the company, capital raise, accelerating growth to the next level, and shareholder transitions. His investment banking experience and “think like a buyer, not an owner” perspective help him identify the positives and/or weak spots of his clients. He helps fix the negatives and accentuate the positives to create a more valuable business. For those clients who choose to sell or raise capital, Murph helps them interview and pick the best transaction team, and choose the best transaction structure and buyer/investor.

Murph’s independent perspective and experience provide his clients with the best guidance for their strategic, growth, liquidity, succession, and shareholder transition needs.

Murph graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BBA in Finance and Marketing, and the University of Chicago with an MBA in Finance.