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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Jul 31, 2020

Jeff Gunsberg, co-founder of Title Connect talks with Jon about the importance of taking time to listen before reacting to be successful. Jeff also gives advice on how to grow your business, motivate your team and going above and beyond for your clients.

Connect with Jeff Gunsberg


Jul 30, 2020

Brian is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and angel investor. As an expert in data recovery, he has spent the last 15 years digging people out of data disasters and helping businesses recover from cyber and storage disasters. Brian not only speaks about his journey in business growth but has dedicated himself to...

Jul 29, 2020

Listen to Jon's quick tip to grow your business in this quick episode!

Jul 28, 2020

Jeff Gunsburg is the VP of Marketing and Business Development as well as Partner at Title Connect since November of 2004. Title Connect is a National Title Agent servicing Residential and Commercial business. Since their inception they have handled 10,000 plus transactions.

Today Jeff and Jon talk about the...

Jul 27, 2020

Amanda Slavin is the Co-Founder and CEO of the award-winning brand consulting firm CatalystCreativ, which she founded in 2012 with her partner, Tony Hsieh. She is the author of The Seventh Level, and the creator of the Seventh Level Engagement Framework. Employing this proprietary engagement assessing and enhancing...