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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Nov 25, 2019

A Certified Financial Planner practitioner and Retirement Income Certified Professional based in Stamford, Connecticut, Nahum Daniels has specialized for over thirty years in serving clients facing the challenge of making income last in retirement and wealth span generations. 

Independent and experienced, he has traveled the world, lived abroad and offers a global perspective. A teacher at heart, ever mindful of his professional responsibility to put clients’ interests first, he seeks to transmit the practical knowledge today’s retirees need to pursue a more confident economic future. In a high-risk financial world rife with misinformation, half-truths, and unaffordable complacency, his mission is to instill in today’s retirees the informed resolve they need to take the right steps toward achieving lasting retirement success.    


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Twitter: @NahumDaniels               


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Twitter: @jdwoskin