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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Dec 31, 2022

Coffee, black. Whiskey, is neat. And Napa Cab, always. Josh Whalen is the Founder of Blokes. Most importantly, he’s a proud husband to his supportive wife and Dad of two sweet babies. As a former Chicago Lions rugby player, Josh still loves finding ways to keep his blood moving—whether that’s heli-skiing in the Rocky Mountains or jamming out in the crowd at Red Rocks.

Josh’s journey to creating Blokes started a few years ago when he started feeling, well, old. Low energy, lack of focus, a dwindling drive, and yep, some failure to launch. Every treatment he sought either gave Josh a one-size-fits-all approach or told him to accept this new normal. As you can imagine, he didn’t.

Failing to accept the norm isn’t new for Josh. When he was starting out, he was fired from more jobs than he could count. Josh was always pushing himself hard with larger-than-life goals for his life and career. So early on, he decided to leave a successful career in corporate America to become an entrepreneur and drive his own destiny. Now Blokes is creating the future of men’s health care.