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THINK Business with Jon Dwoskin

Sep 15, 2021

Jon talks with David Jay, Founder, and CEO of, about how to get people in front of the camera to make a video.

Warm Welcome helps you improve your business relationships at any touchpoint you want. In your personal & marketing emails, on your website, landing pages, private links, and even with Digital Business Card!

Vision & Values
We are dedicated to making the world more personal, more human, more authentic, more passionate, and more empathetic.
We believe that most people would prefer to engage with another human instead of a robot.
We believe that relationships are what make our lives rich and give us meaning.
We believe that communication is more than the words we use and by looking into people’s eyes we are reminded and reassured that we aren’t alone in this big world.

Over the years we’ve learned that more technology doesn’t equal a better life so we actually hope you don’t spend all day on your phone or at your computer sending Warm Welcome’s. We hope you spend a few minutes doing that and the rest of your day out enjoying the people you love.

Our dream is to create a world that is more personal, more human, more joyful than ever before, and thank you for joining us on this journey.

Warmly yours,

David Jay & the Warm Welcome Family


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Twitter: @jdwoskin
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